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Official Online Shop Customer Survey
官方網上商店 顧客問卷調查
Thank you for your support for Estée Lauder Online.
Thank you for your support for
Estée Lauder Online.
To help us improve, we would like to ask you a few questions about your experience. It will only take one minute and will help us make the expererience even better for you.
Please fill in your responses by selecting the suitable answer.
謝謝您對 Estee Lauder 官方網上商店的支持!我們誠摯邀請您回答下列簡單問題。
你的寶貴意見可以讓我們更進一步,令您的購物體驗更加完善。 請選擇適用的答案。
謝謝您對 Estee Lauder 官方網上商店的支持!
你的寶貴意見可以讓我們更進一步,令您的購物體驗更加完善。 請選擇適用的答案。
  1. How many times have you ever made a purchase on
    您曾於Estee Lauder 官方網上商店購物多少次?
  2. Have you ever purchased at Estee Lauder stores/ department store counters?
    您有試過於Estee Lauder 的分店或百貨公司專櫃購物嗎?
  3. Are you a member of Estee Club?
    您是否Estee Club會員?
  4. Are you a long-term resident in Hong Kong?
  5. (Optional) Do you have any other comments to us?
    (可選填) 您有其他意見反饋嗎?